Writer's Block: People’s Choice
Emma Watson. She has always been a good actress and she has never let that get in the way of her bubbling personality. 

Writer's Block: Half full?
 I'd like to say that i am neither a optimist or pessimist.
Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

Writer's Block: Frozen delights
Butter Pecan :)
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Writer's Block: Fear factor
What are you afraid of?

Writer's Block: Fantastic plastic
Would you consider having plastic surgery?

Writer's Block: Bare necessities
1. My family
2. My best friend, Felicia
3. My cat, Thunder
Name three things you can’t live without.

Hey you! What's your resolution?

So right now I am 18 years old and 240 lbs. I really want to lose weight this year and I think i may have a plan for the little spurts. The calories that i will allow myself to have each weekThis is something that i got from a "How many calories should i have a day from my body weight" website and i think it will work. Also, my mother and myself will be doing The Biggest Loser Challenge in the morning every week day before she goes to work and I go to school. It will take some getting used to but I think i can do it if i keep myself motivated. earthgoddess is my mom and she is in a community for weight loss on here. 

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This is me now. I am planning on losing weight this new year and i would like to show what my before's are, no matter how scary they are at the moment. 

Today was..
Today was pretty busy! I went to my grandparents house today and it was pretty fun :) I hung out with my aunt and uncle and their pets. I had never been to their house so it was interesting to see where they lived. Then i went and saw my great grandmother and great uncle. My great grandmother had fallen and hit her head which made everyone nervous that she might have a concussion but i don't think she does. She looked fine while we were there.
I got the following for gifts:

*A really cute wallet that has a raccoon face on it
*$150.00 dollars from my parents
*a notebook
*a journal 
*$45 for Itunes
*and some really nice and thoughtful cards :)

Overall it has been a great Christmas <3

Writer's Block: Merry Christmas
The gift of having my family with me. 

Cheesy? Yeah, I know, but it's true!
What is the best present you received this year?


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